AVISO IMPORTANTE: Esta aplicación va a dejar de estar operativa con fecha 31/12/2021.
Encontrará todo el catálogo de producto de Roca en Blophome, herramienta online de diseño 3D y decoración compatible con los ficheros de DIBANEXT.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: This application is going to stop services by 31/12/2021.
Updated Roca catalogue is now available on Blophome, an online 3D design and decoration software compatible with Dibanext projects.

New version 3DbyRoca 2015


The new look of the application comes with interesting improvements. We've updated the textures libraries with neon lights and other useful materials which you can rotate now. We've also updated Blophome catalogs with modular kitchens, panels in construction objects, etc.

You can work with several projects simultaneously in the corresponding opened applications. Group objects into blocks and fit the perspective more easily thanks to the extended options in the 3d tab and to the new views associated to each render.

If your room's illumination doesn't have the appropriate intensity then you have an ambient light regulator in the render properties window. The projects autosave and automatic restoration will reduce the incidental setback issues.

Customize your 3DbyRoca with your preferred background color and your favourite units (inches or cm) in the help tab. These and many more news will improve your productivity and bring a better use experience for you.